48. Naibata Hasomanmin

do = as; BL 52
1. Naibata hasomanmin, lao mangkorjahon horjamu
Ia do pangajamanmu, sai patoruh uhurmi
Naibata hasomanmin, Naibata hasomanmin
2. Naibata hasomanmin! Anggo rapkon Naibata do.
seng tarbahen ho be kahou, sai torang do langkahmin.
Naibata hasomanmin! Naibata hasomanmin!
3. Naibata hasomanmin! Sai na saud do horjamu,
sai das do sura-suramu, jan ah sonang uhurmin.
Naibata hasomanmin ! Naibata hasomanmin
BE 66 -Debata Baen Donganmi

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