10. Paturut Ham Bennami

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1. Paturut Ham bennami, 0 Jesus holong-Mu
Ase ulang hanami, itipu munsuh- Mu
2. Palongkot Ham, o Tuhan, bannai hata-Mu in
ase roh tuahnami sadokah-dokah nin.
3. Sinondang-Mu patotap, ale Panondang in,
na kahou pe sai alop hun parlajangan in.
4. Paturut Ham bennami tongtong panumpak-Mu
paganda Ham bennami holongni atei-Mu.
5. Panjaga-Mu patotap bannai jabolon-Mu
ulang hanai tarolat ibahen munsuh-Mu.
6. Paturut Ham, o Tuhan, bannai bujur-Mu in
sonai ‘ge hatotapan padaoh Ham dousa in.
Choral Buch 29. Itfelchior Vulpius 1609, Ach bleib mit deiner Gnade; Abide with us, our Savior, Nor let Thy mercy cease, Author: Josua Stegmann, 1588-1632.
Teks asli dalam bahasa Inggris:
1 Abide with us, our Savior,
let not your mercy cease;
from Satan’s might defend us,
and give our hearts your peace.
2 Abide with us, our Helper,
sustain us by your Word;
let us and all your people
to living faith be stirred.
3 Abide with us, Redeemer,
O Light, eternal Light;
your truth direct and guide us
to flee from error’s night.
4 To Father, Son, and Spirit
all praise and glory be,
who were and are forever
the eternal One in Three

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